Name Badges

Name Badges : Ideal for Conferences

If you are in business you will have been in situations at conferences and meetings with other offices and you will have struggled to remember people’s names, something that happens to everyone, can be embarrassing, especially when you are trying to impress and make an impression. All people in business know this happens but it doesn’t detract from the unease you feel when stood facing one of the directors and their name has gone from your head. The simple way around this is to opt for name badges, if you are in a conference hall with two hundred others from around the country or even world the humble name badge is a must.

Here at Promotional Choice we supply printed or plain name badges for anyone who needs them including, businesses, clubs and organisations. Our basic name badge is a clear 240 micron PVC badge measuring 40 by 75 millimetres and come with a light weight safety pin fitting with a white card insert. The inserts can be printed with company logos and individual names making them ideal for conferences, one off meetings and exhibitions where a low cost but smear badge is needed to identify delegates and visitors.

Name badges are very cost effective, a carton of 250 works out at 58 pence each, a carton of 1000 will work out at 38 pence each.

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