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Conference Folders

Promotional Conference Folders are an ideal item for your next conference.

Conference folders may not appear to be the trendiest item that get many people excited, but for promoting your company to a certain group of people, namely professionals, the conference folder is perfect. These notebook-like items are useful and they’re even more effective when given at an event where people can use them right then and there. A properly assembled conference folder will make a tremendous impact on future customers and will improve the image of your own company.

Conference folders can be a particulary useful promotional gift if you are directing your business towards certain people who are going to use such a device. These could be students, businessmen, or other professionals. Many people would have no need for a conference folder, so they wouldn’t really have any effect on them, but if you’re looking to market a product or service to people who would generally have use for this, then obviously the conference folder is perfect.

Conference folders are especially useful if you’re going to promote at an event, expo, or actual conference. Here, you’re promotional items will be used right away and if they’re used throughout the event, chances are the people who use them will relate your company to the event itself, making an even longer-lasting a deeper impact on them. Conferences, Exbitions, Expos and Trade shows are the perfect location to give out conference folders. These will be useful for both the people who receive and for you, as they will definitely bring in more customers for you.

Conference folders aren’t the cheapest promotional items that could be made, but there are plenty of great deals you can find out there that could save you some money. If that isn’t enough to convince you about the price of conference folders, maybe this will. Spending more on a promotional item could actually be beneficial to you. When you give out an item that is well made and appears to be expensive, that’s going to reflect on your company. Naturally, people are going to have a more positive image of you and that’s going to get you even more customers.

Conference folders given to conference delegates present your corporate details for an extended period. Initially they are the essential item to enable your delgates to get the most out of the conference, later the recipient will find other uses for the conference folder. Throughout they are a constant reminder to them of your essential contact details.

Promotional Conference Folders are ideal too for your employees who travel to business events and sales promotions. Any time your employees are attending events outside of the business, a conference folder with your name and logo printed or embossed on it is a good idea. Events may include trade shows, fairs, and conferences alike. If your employees will be guest speakers at events, a promotional conference folder may also be appropriate.

One way to be sure that you have the right promotional conference folders for your message and image is to assemble all of your conference materials in advance and decide exactly what is going into the presentation folder for the conference. Once you know what is going into your conference folder, you can choose a folder that has a place for everything.

When you are using your promotional conference folders to distribute your promotional literature and information you’ll definitely want a presentation folder with document pockets. There are pockets that are designed specifically to hold brochures and leaflets. If your presentation includes a multimedia piece on CD or DVD, you’ll find many styles of promotional conference folders that have CD pockets designed specifically for that purpose. Nearly all promotional conference folder will have a business card slot or holder on the inner pocket so that your contact information is readily available to the recipient. Most promotional conference folders include an A4 note pad. The notepad can easily be replaced so that the conference folder is useful beyond the conference. Many conference folders have a pen loop for holding a pen. Some of the higher quality promotional conference folders also include a pen in the price of the folder – but you can add to the promotional value of your presentation folders by including your own pen.

It is worth considering a number of value added features that can help ensure the use of the conference folder long after the conference has ended. These include Zippered promotional conference folders which turn a mere conference portfolio into a case that offers security for little things that might get lost. If you want to make a bold statement at your next conference, you might choose promotional conference folders that step outside tradition in colour and styling. Colored spines and trim attract attention and can be chosen to coordinate with your company logo. The attention to small detail like sophisticated style is exactly the type of thing that brand recognition is built on. Integral calculators are another popular feature in promotional conference folders especially useful to sales people as you never know when you might need to calculate some prices

Many conference folders include an integral or removable ring binder. These can be particularly useful for the display of loose conference literature.

Promotional conference folders are ideal for making presentations at conferences and trade events, but they have many uses. Estate agents and entrepreneurs find promotional conference folders handy to make presentations. A high quality leather folder makes an impression on potential investors. The right conference folder can hold a promotional CD or DVD, a notepad for making notes, artist’s renderings and photos of properties and more. When you deliver an investment prospectus to a potential client, you’re making an “investment portfolio” concrete. You’re also making quite an impression on that client. If the folio includes a pen, pad and calculator, the folder itself serves as an advertising gift.

A sales or presentation force has many uses for a good, high quality promotional conference folder. Choose the best folders for this use – zippered conference folders or combination conference folder/cases that have a place for everything your employees need on a sales call. Multiple pockets for mobile phone, calculator, pad, business cards – even a flash drive – make the conference folders a miniature briefcase that’s far easier to carry. Put together all your informational material for the media or sales prospects into a high quality PVC promotional conference folder that has been customized just to deliver your message. Conference folders with multiple pockets have room for CD and DVD presentations, even USB drives that hold your entire catalog – as well as pockets to hold your brochures, leaflets and other information.

Seminars and courses are increasingly popular among businessmen who are taking advantage of professional continuing education. Promotional conference folders are a handy way to organize the course material for your seminar while providing your students with the equipment they’ll need for your class. A good quality PVC promotional conference folder printed with your company name will also serve as a takeaway gift that will keep your company in mind.

Promotional conference folders can help keep your board of directors organised. Embossed with the company logo and filled with the meeting agenda, the last meeting minutes and any presentation materials needed for the current meeting, they can help the entire board follow along with the evening’s presentation and stay organised.

Promotional Choice can supply Conference folders in a range of styles and colours and can be personalised in your corporate colours to match your budget.

High quality Conference Folders are an ideal gift to present to your corporate clients including your latest promotional literature and together with a quality pen.

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