Promotional Diaries

Promotional Diaries

Promotional Diaries are the ideal item to present to your regular clients and customers.

When choosing from the wide range of personalised diaries available one ought to first consider the intended use of the diary... is it for pocket use or a larger diary for desk use. Choosing between the size will affect cost and also in the case of pocket diaries limit the available front cover personalisation space and also the amount of information that can be presented on additional pages within the diary.

The standard desk diary is quarto size, although A4 (slightly larger) and A5 sizes are chosen by some clients and the page format is a week to view appointments and include world or UK maps depending on the model chosen. White or Cream paper are available and the page edges can be silver or gold.

A wide range of cover materials are available in a choice of colour options and can be personalised on the cover in silver or gold foil, or blind embossed for some models giving a high quality impressive product.

Additional pages can be added to the front of the diary and can include contact information and specific information relating to your company products and services. This has the effect of keeping your company in your client's mind when he has a need to purchase your company products/services.

A4 and A5 Promotional Desk Diaries offer the option of a Daily Appointments format providing an increased amount of writing area

Promotional Pocket Diaries can be a 24/7 reminder of your details to your client as they will be carried everywhere by him and they are an attractive tool that will be well used to record all the appointments neccesary to function in our busy world.

Two other formats of promotional diary worth considering are comb bound and wiro-bound diaries.

It is not always possible to fully appreciate the quality of a promotional diary from a computer screen or even from a printed brochure so Promotional Choice are pleased to supply (on request) sample diaries and cover materials to accompany diary quotations.

Promotional Diaries can present your corporate identity and contact details to existing and potential clients and customers for a full twelve months.

Promotional Choice is an authorised distributor for Castelli Diaries and supplies their quality range to discerning corporate clients worldwide. Castelli Diaries supplied by Promotional Choice can be personalised to discreetly display your corporate details on the cover and include contact details and your specific company information within the diary.

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