Promotional Mouse Mat

Promotional Mouse Mat

Promotional mousemats and other personalised computer related accessories are ideal to give to existing and potential clients and customers.

Promotional mouse mats are a great way to generate interest in your company because they are large enough to hold a decent amount of advertising. They take up a prominent place on your customers’ desks when they are used, and can keep your business in the minds of your customers for as long as they are in use simply by existing. It is in your best interest to make your promotional mouse mats out of quality materials, and design them to be attractive and possibly even useful in other ways to keep your customers using them.

There are a number of promotional mouse mats that include as well as the traditional mousing surface a number of usb hubs and also calculators/clocks. The usb sockets permitting the convenient location of usb flashdrives and the calculator and clock being readily accesible. These premium "smart" mouse mats will be well appreciated and personalised will be displaying your promotional message for some time.

These are examples of how several businesses might make use of the promotional benefits of promotional mouse mats:

Office Supplies Sales
Printed mouse mats and office supplies fit together as seamlessly as coffee and cream. When you include a free mouse mat imprinted with your company’s logo and the telephone number for your order line, you’re making it easy for your customers to contact you when they need more paper, ink and toner. By putting your information at their fingertips, you’re making sure that you’ll be the first one that they call when they need to restock the office supplies cabinet.

Accounting Firms
When you do business accounting and consulting, you may only have personal contact with your clients once or twice a year. Keeping your name in their minds between their needs is important. Desktop accessories are a great way to give your business visibility when you don’t have daily contact with your clients. Printed mouse mats with nifty features like an integrated calculator will remind your clients of your business throughout the year.

Computer Sales
Is there any better fit for promotional products than computer retailers and printed promotional mouse mats? Including a free mouse mat with every computer that you sell or install is a great way to put your contact info at your customers’ fingertips. They’ll find it especially thoughtful and useful if your printed message includes the telephone number to customer service and the help desk for your firm. Printed mouse mats that promote your service department are a great way to turn your computer sales into service contracts. Why go scrambling for the telephone number of a repair shop when yours is right here?

Promotional desktop items present your corporate identity and contact details for an extended period of time. If you market your companies' services and products through a website it can be particularly benificial to include your website address on a promotional mousemat.

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