Promotional Mugs

Promotional Mugs

Promotional mugs are a most useful gift and the ideal item for your promotional campaign.

Promotional mugs might be considered to be an office workers prized possession. It is something familiar and reassuring to have your own mug for your tea/coffee break. If you then distributed promotional mugs with your promotional message and contact details on, you would be sure that they were there literally on hand when your client needed to contact you about the services/products you offer. Promotional Mugs are equally at home in the home, after all everyone is always short of a mug in the house.

Humour can be expressed on promotional mugs, in fact the more memorable the advertising copy, the more likely the message will be acted upon.

There are many ways of using promotional mugs in your marketing... they can be used as welcome gifts to new customers/members, upon requesting a quotation, to advertise a new service your customer might not be aware of, as part of the tea/coffee making equipment in a hotel bedroom... the number of ways of using the humble promotional mug are endless.

Mugs given to your potential customers are a constant reminder to them of your essential contact details. When they come to buy they are likely to contact you rather than one of your competitors.

Promotional Choice can supply mugs in your corporate colours with your logo and to match your budget.

An attractive option is the heat-sensitive mug in which a sales message is revealed only when the mug is filled with a hot liquid.

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