Promotional Umbrella

It is raining outside, but you have a promotional umbrella to keep you dry and your product out in the world. The promotional umbrella is the quite man of marketing, the unassuming assassin ready to infiltrate the mind of your target audience in the flick of an eye. We have established that there is more to the cunning umbrella than meets the human eye, so why not take advantage of the peripheral charms that the promotional umbrella offers and let your company sing in the rain.

Promotional Choice has a range of promotional golf umbrellas that conform to British standard manufacturing assembly guide lines. These marketing tools come in different styles and colour, some are more cost effective but all perform in the worst conditions flawlessly.

Our most popular promotional umbrella is the multi storm proof model. This umbrella has been constructed using our patented fibre glass shell which eliminates the embarrassing fold out situation that often plagues the normal umbrella during high winds. This golf style umbrella can be printed with your company logo on one or more panel and comes with a choice of handle style, straight and smooth or rubber and curved.

Most of our promotional golf umbrellas are manufactured featuring a double canopy which helps to protect you against the elements whilst you or your employee is out doing the rounds. Contact us today for further information on the promotional umbrella range we have available.

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Corporate Golf Gift

Golf is a great game enjoyed by men and women alike and is becoming more and more popular, this might be due to the new rising stars male and female who are being offered as the likes of David Beckham and Martina Hingis are in their sports respectively. Many golf clubs now offer corporate deals for business so that colleagues can have membership to the clubs and play these exclusive courses whenever they please, just don't leave your car in the captain's parking space. All this new interest in the game means that sales in corporate golf gifts have gone through the roof. On the Promotional Choice website we have a specialist section dedicated to corporate golf gifts including everything from the golfers pocket tool kit to umbrellas and personalised balls.

The Golfers Pocket Tool Kit contains a range of useful golf tools, a well appreciated golf gift on your corporate golf day. This product can be personalised with your corporate details or if giving to a client, their company logo. This tool includes a pitch mark repairer, spike key, groove cleaning tool and knife blade which can be printed too with your artwork.

For a complete list of corporate golf gifts visit the online shop where you can see all of our promotional merchandise complete with prices.

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Polo Shirt

The Polo Shirt is one of the most iconic clothing designs to grace the streets of Britain in the modern age. Although by no means exclusive to Britain's streets it has it's place here as a wardrobe must have for any discerning dresser and in particular the Modernist.

The Polo shirt began life in India where English Polo players modified the traditional long sleeve uniform to have short sleeves and a collar so that a tie could be worn. In 1929 Rene Lacoste the French team tennis captain took on the polo shirt, used a lighter material and made the collar thicker in order for it to be turned up and shield the neck from hot sun whilst playing. Lacoste of course went on to become on of the most prolific leisure wear designers of the century selling clothing and accessories all over the world and in high fashion, holding place on the catwalks of Milan, London and New York.

In the early nineteen sixties the youth movement known as the Mods or Modernists took inspiration from French culture in a big way, if it was French it was cool and had to be had. Cycling jerseys and Polo Shirts were a must have for casual day wear and the Polo Shirt has stuck as a staple of fashion today. Every fashion house do a polo shirt, perhaps the most famous is not the original Lacoste but another fashion house started with a tennis player, Fred Perry. Fred Perry was Lacoste's biggest rival and most agree that Perry had the edge due to the fine detail such as the laurel emblem being embroidered rather than just being ironed on, this stood well with the Mods and the Fred Perry polo soon took over as, the, shirt for the scene.

Promotional Choice offers a great selection of polo shirt which can be printed with your logo or company name. Polo Shirts are a first choice for many companies as part of uniform, our shirts come in all colours and sizes, and they are very affordable and can be printed with anything you wish.

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