Promotional Golf Ball

Promotional Golf Ball

Promotional Choice is a distributor for high quality personalised and promotional golf balls such as Titleist, Dunlop and Wilson and high quality golf accessories to discerning corporate clients nationwide who have seen the value of Corporate Golf Days and also the sponsorship of Charity Golf events.

Golf's origins lie in Scotland with the clubs and balls made from wood. The earliest reference to the game of golf is to that of a gentleman going by the name Daly in fifteen hundred and fifty. Sixteen years into the next century the wooden golf ball evolved to enable a truer flight giving the golfer better precision. The new ball was fashioned using cow hide as the shell which was stuffed with feathers. The hide and feathers were packed together and moulded in to a sphere when wet and as it dried the leather stiffened and the feathers filled the shell. These balls were expensive to buy, so the best equipment was reserved for the bourgeois elite.

Since those early days the golf ball makers have experimented with many different materials including rubber and cork to mercury and other metals. Some balls lent themselves to achieving distance whilst other golf balls were designed for shot shaping or control. The familiar dimpled ball was introduced in the early nineteen hundreds, this feature eliminated drag whilst maximising lift when the golf ball was struck. The standardisation of the golf ball came about in nineteen thirty two. The American golf association decided that the maximum weight of a golf ball would be no more than one point six ounces and be no smaller than one point six inches in diameter. As technology progressed, naturally, so did the production techniques of the golf ball making the game more accessible to the masses.

Do you take potential clients on corporate golf days? If you do a great way to present your corporate identity is to have monogrammed golf balls to play with. We supply personalised golf equipment for such occasions featuring golf balls and tees along with umbrellas and trophies.