Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bag

Promotional Carrier Bag

The promotional carrier bag is a product that has been in use for many years, everyone uses them in their everyday lives, and these are bags which you bring your weekly food shopping home in, the carrier bags you get when making any sort of purchase from shoes to hair straighteners. Carrier bags are not just the old thin plastic bags of yesteryear which would rip and spill out the contents all over the high street, carrier bags now are strong and reusable, they come in various thicknesses, shapes and sizes and can depict your company logo or something you are promoting.

The Ecco Recycled Paper promotional carrier bag will show your commitment to ecological protection by choosing a promotional carrier bag from our Ecco recycled paper carrier bags. Our Ecco Classic paper bags are carefully manufactured from strong brown, white or recycled craft paper. For the ultimate finishing touch choose between the flat paper tape handle and our rigid paper twisted handle.

Another popular choice is the Polythene promotional duffle bag which allows you to carry your promotional message to places where normal advertising simply doesn't reach. This is a polythene promotional duffle bag that can be reused be it the stylish school kid with his P.E. kit or the office worker going to the gym, these bags are the essential accessory.

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