Golf Umbrella

Promotional Umbrella

It is raining outside, but you have a promotional umbrella to keep you dry and your product out in the world. The promotional umbrella is the quite man of marketing, the unassuming assassin ready to infiltrate the mind of your target audience in the flick of an eye. We have established that there is more to the cunning umbrella than meets the human eye, so why not take advantage of the peripheral charms that the promotional umbrella offers and let your company sing in the rain.

Promotional Choice has a range of promotional golf umbrellas that conform to British standard manufacturing assembly guide lines. These marketing tools come in different styles and colour, some are more cost effective but all perform in the worst conditions flawlessly.

Our most popular promotional umbrella is the multi storm proof model. This umbrella has been constructed using our patented fibre glass shell which eliminates the embarrassing fold out situation that often plagues the normal umbrella during high winds. This golf style umbrella can be printed with your company logo on one or more panel and comes with a choice of handle style, straight and smooth or rubber and curved.

Most of our promotional golf umbrellas are manufactured featuring a double canopy which helps to protect you against the elements whilst you or your employee is out doing the rounds. Contact us today for further information on the promotional umbrella range we have available.

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