Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

The Polo Shirt is one of the most iconic clothing designs to grace the streets of Britain in the modern age. Although by no means exclusive to Britain's streets it has it's place here as a wardrobe must have for any discerning dresser and in particular the Modernist.

The Polo shirt began life in India where English Polo players modified the traditional long sleeve uniform to have short sleeves and a collar so that a tie could be worn. In 1929 Rene Lacoste the French team tennis captain took on the polo shirt, used a lighter material and made the collar thicker in order for it to be turned up and shield the neck from hot sun whilst playing. Lacoste of course went on to become on of the most prolific leisure wear designers of the century selling clothing and accessories all over the world and in high fashion, holding place on the catwalks of Milan, London and New York.

In the early nineteen sixties the youth movement known as the Mods or Modernists took inspiration from French culture in a big way, if it was French it was cool and had to be had. Cycling jerseys and Polo Shirts were a must have for casual day wear and the Polo Shirt has stuck as a staple of fashion today. Every fashion house do a polo shirt, perhaps the most famous is not the original Lacoste but another fashion house started with a tennis player, Fred Perry. Fred Perry was Lacoste's biggest rival and most agree that Perry had the edge due to the fine detail such as the laurel emblem being embroidered rather than just being ironed on, this stood well with the Mods and the Fred Perry polo soon took over as, the, shirt for the scene.

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