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Promotional Parker Pen

Writing instruments come in many forms, you can use ink and quill or a pencil or the ball point pen. The parker pen has evolved over the years to try and incorporate the very best of all of these instruments to form the perfect writing tool. This was the vision of a telegraphy lecturer from Wisconsin in the United States of America, who was sick and tired of his pen, which did not write very well and was always leaking ink.

George Safford Parker was in 1888, working for a company called John Holland Pens, as a means to bump up his school wage. Such were the poor quality of the pens, Parker found himself repairing as many pens as he was selling so decided to try and design a pen that would be reliable.

The fist parker pen was a fountain pen but it took him over two years to find a financial backer, as he needed one thousand dollars to get the company off and running. Parkers' salvation came in the form of an insurance broker called Palmer who agreed to set up the company for half of the shares.

It took nearly six years for the lucky curve ink feed to be developed. This revolutionary system would change the way pens are made for ever. This system would allow the pen to hold the ink in a reservoir when help vertically, thus stemming any loss of ink. The parker pen went from strength to strength with minor improvements to the original design constantly being made ensuring the end user fluidity in motion when using the writing implement. In eighteen eighty nine parker pen featured the first pen cap then the first fountain pen to be totally encased in a barrel, leakage was eliminated and sales went through the roof.

The parker promotional pen stands out alone today as the most recognised writing implement world wide. Parker's massive range of fountain and ball points are sold in their millions each year as the company evolves into the twenty first century. Parker has been commissioned by the Royal family of Britain to make anniversary pens in solid gold.

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